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Contact, Inc.
788 Boothbay Road
Edgecomb, Me 04556-3330
Tel: 207.882.6116
Fax: 207.882.6122
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Contact, Inc., pioneered the development and marketing of thermal wire stripping and production-proved tweezers soldering equipment. Today, Contact has the engineering know-how, facilities and experience necessary to design and manufacture the finest thermal wire stripping and resistance soldering equipment available. These precision units are designed to reduce the cost of producing high-reliability connections. They deliver instantaneous heat and provide operator comfort and safety as well as the ability to work accurately in confined areas.

Contact Inc., started in 1951 as a joint venture between a group of gentlemen who had a vision of creating a world leading company in resistance soldering equipment. And that they did. With companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Electric adopting their "Hotip" product line, Contact Inc., quickly became the pioneers of the industry. In fact, in 1963 NASA named Contact Inc.'s resistance soldering equipment and thermo soldering products, or equivalent, the industry standard.

In 1974, Richard Reid Senior took sole ownership of Contact Inc. and grew the distribution and name of the company to its current association of being the industry standard. His son, Rick Reid II started on, and eventual took ownership of the company where he continues the tradition today. Currently all products are still made in the United States at the manufacturing headquarters located in Edgecomb, Maine.

From the beginning Contact Inc. made products to last a lifetime, and to this day they uphold the same standards and quality, as well as manufacture all products in the USA. You've heard people say.. "they don't make 'em the way they used to." Well, here at Contact Inc., we still make products 'the way they used to'.

You can rely on any equipment that bears the Contact name!
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