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Contact, Inc.
788 Boothbay Road
Edgecomb, Me 04556-3330
Tel: 207.882.6116
Fax: 207.882.6122
Made In USA
Our Clients
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Hobbyist & Modelers

PBL Model RailroadingFor all your hobby & model railroad needs please contact PBL directly at We have been affliliated with PBL since the 1960's. They are #1 in the hobby field and can take care of all your model railroading questions and equipment needs. PBL is a stocking distributor who can assist with modeling questions and information, then get you the products you need quickly. Their website has a variety of videos, tutorials, etc. all specializing in model railroading & modeling with years of experience behind them.

We are the sole distributor of resistance soldering equipment to PBL under our "Hottip" label, so anything you buy will be of the highest quality and made in the USA. All our products are of the same specs and high quality as is used industrially. We have units that are still in use commercially after 40+ years. In fact, PBL is still using one of their original units they bought from us back in 1967! You can trust any products with the Contact, "Hottip", or PBL label.

Although Contact, Inc. is here to serve all our customers, we find that anyone calling in regards to the model railroad industry is best served through PBL.

Contact, Inc., pioneered the development and marketing of thermal wire stripping and was behind all current designs for resistance soldering equipment. We've been around as long as the industry has... we're just finally getting on the internet. Today, Contact has the engineering know-how, facilities and experience necessary to design and manufacture the finest thermal wire stripping and resistance soldering equipment available. These precision units are designed to reduce the cost of producing high-reliability connections. They deliver instantaneous heat and provide operator comfort and safety as well as the ability to work accurately in confined areas.

From the beginning Contact Inc. made products to last a lifetime, and to this day they uphold the same standards and quality, as well as manufacture all products in the USA. You've heard people say.. "they don't make 'em the way they used to." Well, here at Contact Inc., we still make products 'the way they used to'.

You can rely on any equipment that bears the Contact name!
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